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July 29, 2013 - larry rewards

Great news! We are finally ready to ship out your physical rewards!

But you won’t receive yours …unless we have your correct mailing address.

We emailed everyone who was supposed to receive a physical reward last week and asked you to verify your address. If you didn’t received that email, you have one more chance. Check your spam folder or verify your shipping information right here:

Our shipper requires all addresses by Wednesday, July 31st. If yours is wrong, you won’t get your “goodies.” And, if your package is undeliverable, you’ll have to pay any additional shipping charges.


As always, if you have questions, email us at

As Larry loves to say, “It won’t be long now!”

July 05, 2013 - we shipped pc, mac, and linux! please read this!!

In case you didn’t read the earlier emails we’ve sent you, you should know: WE SHIPPED!!

Maybe not every platform (although we sure tried) but people have been playing the PC, Mac and Linux games for a week. You should be too!

That said, Apple has been sitting on our game for two weeks now and without telling us anything. We have no idea when it will appear in the Apple Store. But when it does, we promise to let you know immediately!

The Android version is suffering from the typical “way too many different versions of Android” syndrome, but is making progress. Here, too, we’ll tell you right away.

Update? Already?

Yes, we plan to release an updated version of the game very soon with several improvements:

  • Language selection option in the control panel. The game currently uses your operating system’s language setting. We’re going to let you decide what language you prefer.
  • Two new languages: Polish and Russian.
  • Scoring: We're implementing scoring because so many of you miss it – and because you need to know just how much of the game you did NOT see!
  • Facebook and Twitter updates: But only if you want to!
  • A few little bug fixes that we missed.

Tech Support Forum

We have created a Tech Support forum at
If you have any problems, please check here first. Probably someone else has already figured out a fix for it.

Linux Support

If you are a Linux or Mac guru, we need your help! Could you please jump on the new forum (above) and help your Linux and Mac friends? We’re a bunch of Windows people here at Replay Games and neither Linux nor Mac is our strong suit.

Tell Us How We Did

We’ve created a Customer Service form at so you can tell us how much fun you’re having, and/or if you’re having troubles with the game. As you can imagine, we're swamped, but we’re trying our best to help everyone. We'd appreciate it if you'd help us by pointing others to the form, too. It's all about helping Larry have a great release!


Reddit AMA

Al Lowe will do another Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Saturday, July 6th, at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Join us as we discuss making Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded and the whole Kickstarter experience. Our AMA is at

Thanks everyone! It’s been a crazy week around here
Al and Britton

July 04, 2013 - non-biweekly kickstarter update: the one you’ve been waiting for!

Originally published June 26 2013 on Kickstarter. In all the confusion of release day I forgot to publish this to our news feed on June 26. My apologizes - Britton

Hi, Larryettes!

Yes, it’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

We’re releasing Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded to the public at 11:59pm PDT TONIGHT!


Tonight we’re releasing versions for PC, Mac, and Linux, via both Steam and the Replay website.

We expect Apple to make the iOS version available tonight as well, but the timing is up to them.

The Android version will be along soon.

Despite all of us pulling for him as hard as we could, not even Larry could achieve that big a “simultaneous release.”


Even if you played the beta build of this game, you have no IDEA how much has been changed. The amount of polish that N-Fusion’s been able to add in the past month is simply phenomenal. There is more of everything: animation, sound effects, voices, gags, ambience. Every menu in the game has been lovingly redone. The interface has been significantly improved in the mobile versions. I think you beta testers, especially, will be amazed at how beautifully Larry cleans up for his big unveiling.


If you are a Backer who receives a digital copy of the game as a reward: Please note that you may choose between the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game as your digital copy. All three will be available either through Steam or through Replay’s site,

The PC version on Steam has DRM; the PC version on the Replay Games website is DRM-free. (The Mac and Linux versions are DRM-free whether downloaded from Steam or Replay Games.) If you want the DRM-free PC version, you’ll want to get it from Replay Games.


Hey Everyone! Britton here!

I have put together a quick guide on how to create your account through our backer's portal. Quick Guide Here

Once your account has been created, all your rewards will be associated to your account, giving you access to them. Please read the guide entirely before asking questions. Many key topics are covered.

Most of our $40+ backers have already completed this step over the last year. I urge anyone who has already filled out this portal and is receiving physical rewards to double check your shipping address. We will begin shipping soon and this is the perfect time to verify or update your shipping address.

On a completely unrelated note; almost a year ago Justin (Irishmile) submitted a design for a Kickstarter backer shirt that we unfortunately did not use. I never forgot about his design because I loved it so much. After much talk with our shirt printer and Justin, we decided we couldn't let his design fall by the wayside. Here is the final revision.

The design went back and forth between Al and Josh many times to get everything just right. There was much discussion over the medal, proportionality and colors. It was a very fun discussion to be a part of. We have decided to sell this awesome shirt on our store. If you love it as much as we do, you can get it here.

A very important note on the shirt. Due to the massive shipping effort we are about to undertake for the Kickstarter rewards, you will have to wait till after our physical rewards have gone out before we can begin shipping this shirt. All my focus at this point is getting the rewards sent out. The rewards are hilarious. The condom is by far my favorite and I can't wait for you guys to see them.


This is it, kids! You’re about to see the culmination of over a year’s worth of work by an astoundingly talented group of people. I shouldn’t say this, because I’m biased, but I think this the *best* Leisure Suit Larry game that’s ever been released (and I know that some of the Leisure Suit Larry 7 contingent will contest that claim).

And the incredibly cool thing about it is: you were all truly a part of it. We listened to your suggestions and requests. We took a lot of them into account. Some of you will be able to look at various aspects of the game and say, “That was MY idea!”

How friggin’ cool is THAT?

See you at midnight!


June 18, 2013 - al's update

Hi ya, Kickstarters! Al Lowe here. It looks like June 27 is the day!
And it appears that Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded will be the first Kickstarted game to ship!

N-Fusion hasn’t wasted the last few weeks; they’ve made improvements to the game everywhere. I can’t wait for you to see it. While I’m proud we did the right thing and waited to ship until all the bugs were exterminated, we did much, much more: hundreds of new sound effects, redesigned menus with new artwork, user interface improvements, and even additional voiceovers. This truly is the best Larry game we can bring you.

And our mutual wait is almost over!

E3 Action

Paul Trowe and I spent last week at E3 in Los Angeles and had a blast. We had loads of interviews with the foreign press. (U.S. press coverage was handled earlier, at GDC.) Even though Replay didn’t have a booth (a nice one would only cost all the money we raised on Kickstarter!), Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded was on display in several other booths. Reports were universally positive, as was the response from the press who’ve seen it. So far, so good.

E3 week began with a bang: on Monday night, Paul and I joined Austin Wintory and Melora Hardin at Typhoon (a Santa Monica restaurant and jazz spot) for gig by the Late Night Jazz Orchestra. Wow, what a band! I knew they were good players after watching them record our soundtrack and this night cemented that reputation.

But the highlight for us Larryites came in their second set when they played several of the cuts from the Larry OST. Melora sang her song from the game while Austin accompanied. She looked as good as she sounds!

I just happened to have a saxophone mouthpiece in my pocket (heh, heh) so I borrowed a sax and played the Leisure Suit Larry Theme Song with them. They even gave me an opening cadenza. It was a musical highlight that I won’t soon forget!

If your Kickstarter reward level includes a download of the original soundtrack and you haven’t grabbed it yet, what are you waiting for?

Press Previews

We’ve received scores of previews from gaming sites since the beta was released and they’ve been nearly unanimous in their praise. We’re (almost) blushing! Here’s one from yesterday on Destructoid.

I’m hoping the actual reviews will be as sweet.

Another Game to Kickstart

Josh sends along news of another adventure game with a Kickstarter campaign: The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown. It’s an homage to the Sierra and Lucasarts games we love and they need your help. Josh says,

“I’m incredibly impressed by their art style, by the fascinating political theme of the story, by their extremely well thought-out plan for the series, and by the team of individuals who are working on the game. PLEASE go over to their Kickstarter site and show your support for the game and, if you can’t see your way through to supporting it monetarily, just helping spread the word would, I’m sure, be of inestimable benefit to their project.”
Well said, Josh!


Once the game goes live on the 27th, you’ll want to download it but remember: you have to register first. Watch for another update from Britton with instructions on what to do, how, and when.

Of course, game discs take time to be pressed and assembled, and some of the physical rewards need to be autographed, so those won’t ship for a few more weeks. (What? Game discs don’t burn themselves?) So please have patience. We promise: we’re working as fast as we can to speed your items to you!

It’s been a fun year for me and I mean this sincerely: we literally could not have done it without you! Thank you so much for your faith in us (and Larry).

As Larry would say, “It won’t be long now!”

June 03, 2013 - austin wintory speaks!

When Al, Josh and Paul first called me about scoring LSL I was rather speechless, and truthfully I still am. The Sierra adventure games were a huge part of my life back in the day, and so this gave me the chance to explore something really personally meaningful.  And on top of that was the chance to work with an amazing big band: the Late Night Jazz Orchestra. Wait until to you hear these guys! Actually, don't wait. Watch this:


It goes without saying that I *love* Al's original Larry theme, and so I clung to it rather fiercely throughout the score. Even though this is a fundamentally new Larry, in terms of the music, hopefully it feels like one big tip of the hat. But that said, one of the first questions I asked Al was if he had any sort of agenda to recapture the previous scores, to which he confidently said "No, in fact I'd be disappointed if you did anything other than what YOU want to do." So what you hear is equal parts silly, grimy, and rather naively romantic. That last aspect in particular was of fun ... I became sort of obsessed with trying to make Larry feel almost like this idealistic romantic guy, and not some sleazeball, so hopefully you'll feel a genuine, earnest romance in the music too (which of course ends up being rather hilarious when you pair that with some of the dialogue these guys wrote).

To cap it all off, Josh and I collaborated on an original song called "Tiers of Joy," which was sung by the amazing, incredible Melora Hardin (who you probably didn't realize was a singer; she played Jan Levinson on NBC's "The Office!"). She even sang it live with the band, not as an overdub the way it's normally done these days. I'll be posting a video of that soon too.

All told I couldn't be more excited about this game and soundtrack. Coming off of experiences like JOURNEY and MONACO, this was the most wonderful opportunity to try something totally new. I hope you enjoy the music and the performances by these absolutely stellar musicians. And I am so grateful to Al, Replay and N-Fusion for the wonderful partnership, and above all to YOU the backers for making all of this possible.

The OST will be coming to Kickstarter backers relative to their giving level, and for everyone else you can check it out here:


Ok, go pour a glass of wine or mix up a martini, kick back and open up your ears ... ;)
-Austin Wintory